Anilogue 2015: The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow

Oo-lee-byeol il-ho-wa eol-lug-so
South Korea, 80 min, 2014
in Korean, with English subs and Hungarian translation

Show times:

Director: Hyung-yun Chang

Not recommended for audiences under 12.

Il-ho, the satellite 'KITSAT-1', is launched into space. She observes Earth over a long time and becomes curious about the human heart. Kyung-chun, an aspiring musician, is heartbroken and turns into a milk cow when his longtime love interest, Eun-jin, starts to date another guy. Then, one day, Kyung-chun is attacked by the Incinerator which tracks down those with a broken heart. At that moment, Il-ho falls from space and Kyung-chun is able to avoid immediate danger. With the fall, Il-ho becomes human by magical forces. Il-ho receives the help of Merlin the Wizard who has turned into toilet paper to find Kyung-chun, and she ends up staying at Kyung-chun's place. Kyung-chun who is now a milk cow fears for his life as he is chased by the Incinerator and the organ trafficker Mr. Oh. But, Il-ho comes to his rescue whenever he is in danger. Gradually, the two become close and Il-ho begins to slowly understand the human heart. However, Il-ho realizes that she doesn't have much left to live.

Anilogue 2015 programme

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