Crime, Drama / Hungary, 97 min, 2019
in Hungarian and Romanian with Hungarian subtitles

Show times:

Director: Béla Bagota

Cast: András Hatházi, László Mátray, Júlia Nyakó, Emőke Pál, Gábor Tollas

Péter (Csaba Krisztik), a big city cop, investigates a sex trafficking ring in Brassov. He has dedicated his life to finding women who have disappeared. He sees his sister, Juli, in every girl he saves. Juli disappeared twenty-two years ago in their hometown, Valan, in the ensuing chaos of the Romanian Revolution of 1989. Péter is obliged to return to the Transylvanian mining town after receiving a phone call that implies the body of his sister has been found among the pines on a snow-capped mountain. The resulting investigation not only forces him to confront the stifling crime rate that has the town in a stronghold, but also takes him back to the labyrinth of the past where he must face his own demons. Béla Bagota's first feature film is a suspenseful and heart wrenching psychological thriller, a completely new voice in Hungarian filmmaking.

Premier: 2019.11.21.

Distributor: Mozinet

Pénztárnyitás: az első előadás előtt 30 perccel.
Pénztárzárás: az utolsó előadás kezdetét követően 15 perccel.
A kávézó átmenetileg zárva.

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